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Valerie Robins

Editing Rates

Looking for a professional editor to take your project to the next level? Look no further. Your editing needs met with professional, prompt service.

 **All rates subject to change without notice**

Content Editing

  • Book/Trade  $46.00/hr
  • Magazine/Trade Journal   $46.00/hr or $4,25/pg
  • Scholarly Book   $40.00/hr or $4.00/pg
  • Textbook   $36.00/hr

Copy Editing

  • Book   $38.00/hr
  • Business   $57.00/hr or $4.00/pg
  • Magazine/Trade Journal   $40.00/hr
  • Scientific Journals   $35.00/hr


  • Business/General   $57.00/hr
  • Corporate Periodicals  $56.00/hr
  • Medical & Science   $54.00/hr
  • Newsletter   $53.00/hr
  • Online   $58.00/hr
  • Technical   $51.00/hr
  • Webpage  $65.00/hr (Medical, science, and technical)


  • Book  $26.00/hr or $2.00/pg
  • Magazine/Trade Journal   $32.00/hr or $7.00/page
  • Medical/Science   $35.00/hr

**Nonprofit rates available upon request**

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